Silent rooms

What is Silent room and are all the same?

Many of us have heard of the quietest room in the world created by Orfield Laboratories, where the longest time a person has been able to stay is 45 minutes. After a short stay in a room that absorbs 99.9 percent of sound, it becomes unbearable. Of course this is not the silent room that is kept in mind by those who want to introduce acoustic spaces in offices, public spaces or elsewhere. However, this room is a good reflection of how different and efficient the quiet room can be!

Today, almost every office furniture manufacturer is in a hurry to offer their own interpretation of what a quiet room should be like. And this is quite self-evident, given that a large proportion of companies choose to work in open-plan offices. To reduce the negative impact on employee efficiency, it is important to think about zoning and creating quieter zones. The trump card of some is quality, others – design. Some combine it all and even give it a twist, such as adding plants to the outer wall of an acoustic room.

How to know what are you looking for?

Before buying a quiet room it is important to understand what exactly you need! Are you looking for a room where you can make calls without interruption? Maybe you need a room to hold dynamic meetings with colleagues and it is important to isolate yourself from the loudest noises of office? Is there music in your office every day or is there silence? Maybe you need space for relaxing moments and meetings with clients? There are many different factors that affect what the final product you choose should be.

To make your choice easier, it’s important to think about:

  • How much space is available for acoustic space in your office?
  • How noisy is your office?
  • What is the primary need for acoustic space?
  • Is this space needed for individual or group work?
  • Does the room have to be movable or not?
  • What is your budget?

By answering these questions, you will gain a starting point and understand the most important thing – the needs of the office.

Acoustic furniture, quiet room or panels – how to choose?

We often notice that offices have spacious rooms, glass walls, large windows and low furniture. This usually results in poor acoustics, increased noise and echo. Unfortunately, this can lead to poorer work results, lower work efficiency and lack of motivation. To combat this, you need to understand what your options and needs are.

If you currently have a limited budget or room size, one of the most affordable solutions is acoustic desk screens and acoustic panels. Acoustic screens are the easiest to choose, as they do not require a large adaptation of the working environment to the acoustic solution. Depending on the quality and price, partitions of different thicknesses, heights and materials are available. For example, by choosing higher partitions with a higher sound insulation class material, you will be able to separate individual workplaces and significantly reduce noise levels. Free-standing acoustic panels will also be great for highlighting individual rest areas. They will not only improve the acoustics of the room, but also serve as a practical design solution.

If your office has a lot of free walls, including glass walls, or a lot of glass elements, which also separate the meeting rooms, it is recommended to choose acoustic panels. They can be attached to both walls and ceilings. And like acoustic partitions, they are available in a variety of materials and in different price ranges.

If the rooms are more spacious or you want to re-plan the office, acoustic furniture is a good choice. Acoustic furniture is not only sofas or armchairs with specially raised backs and sides, but also specially designed modular solutions, as well as creative design elements, such as the acoustic cone – coffee table. Such areas will be great not only for relaxation, but also for active group work.

Room that reduces or completely isolates noise

Noise-reducing acoustic rooms are very practical. They are physically separated by walls, ceilings and doors and are independent rooms. This is a good solution for open-plan offices, where employees do not have the opportunity to find a quieter corner when needed. Their sizes vary from a single room to a room for 8 people. Such rooms are usually equipped with a good ventilation system, lighting and even built-in furniture, if necessary. Such rooms will be ideal for quiet or moderately loud offices, with the aim of creating additional separate areas.

Finally, the most effective solution – silent rooms. They are designed for maximum noise insulation from both outside and inside. For silence and maximum comfort. Visually, a silent room may not be much different from a noise-reducing acoustic room. They are most distinguished by the noise suppression level specified in the manufacturer’s specification, which must be taken into account. If possible, it is also advisable to check both rooms. This way you will understand what the biggest difference is. Of course, when checking, you will see not only the differences, but also the quality of the chosen room. The silent room must be made of very carefully selected and put together materials. The frame and door of the room must ensure maximum sealing and soundproofing.

Silent room = safe space

Safety and tranquility. These are the main features that silent rooms of the Czech manufacturer of acoustic solutions SilentLab have. Even at this time, when there are so many factors that require special care, SilentLab has made sure that the MICROOFFICE is a safe environment for its users. Clarity System – a new way of protecting your indoor environment. Based on BION ionization, this unique technology adapts air and along with its flow throughout strong ventilators creates fresh, ionized and disinfected air in MICROOFFICE. The neutralization of a wide range of harmful microorganisms is the main benefit of this system. You can choose from two Clarity System types – one integrated into a brand new MICROOFFICE, second as a separate solution with electrical plug customized for an already installed MICROOFFICE.

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